Sustainability Report 2020

We proudly present V Group’s Sustainability Report for 2020, which highlights our approach to sustainable development, performance, priorities and future objectives.

We, at VΕΝ Energy, a proud member of V Group, are fully committed to our company’s continuous contribution to positive change and strive to address each of the challenges we face, without compromising our values surrounding sustainability and environmental protection.

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CSR Commitments

We consider it our duty to act with environ­mental and social responsibility and to respect and preserve our world for the future.

We are continually innovating our practices to ensure we meet these expectations and operate in a sustainable and ethical way in all aspects of our activity.

Awareness Initiatives

An important part of our responsibility is to actively give something back. We do this through a series of charities and initiatives which are broadly linked to the themes of community support and assisting people who have limited opportunities.

Most of these actions are operated by Deppy Vasileiadis (DV) Foundation, the philanthropic branch of V Group, which supports organizations and implements programs that cultivate respect for the natural environment and its habitats.