Areas of Activity

A. Investment
B. Project development
C. Operations and maintenance

Each of these activities in Renewable Energy Sources business, are actively managed exclusively through the VΕΝ Energy in collaboration with external stakeholders when appropriate.

Α Reliable Partner

VΕΝ Energy has extensive experience in managing all the relevant phases of a project including development, site selection, feasibility assessment, licensing, design procurement, as well as creative financing options to make sure that the project is on time and on budget.

VΕΝ Energy is a member of the Vasileiadis Group of Companies (V Group) which embodies an experience of almost 70 years in the protection of sea and land from environmental hazards.

Our Commitment

VΕΝ Energy is committed to the highest social, environmental and ethical standards throughout its business.

Our business model is based on active ownership and responsible, sustainable development of renewable energy.

Our projects are developed in close co-operation with all stakeholders: land owners, local communities, governmental authorities as well as financial institutions.